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The purpose of Zakat is to enable Islam to flourish as intended: as a real commitment to God that inspires believers to strive for prosperity, harmony and justice for all. Supporting the poor and needy is a key component of this, but not the only element.

There are two aspects which work together to achieve the purpose:

Individual support. (the majority of NZF’s work) 50% of Muslim households are in poverty compared to 18% for the population overall. Under the welfare system, application procedures for housing and other benefits are time consuming and bureaucratic. Applicants can encounter delays of up to several months before any benefit is forthcoming. NZF aims to provide assistance during this crucial time so that applicants (often with children) can live in safety and with dignity whilst other options are being explored. Through NZF’s support, those most in need in our community will feel a sense of belonging, their situation can improve and they can strive to become Zakat payers themselves.

Community-level support. Within the UK, young Muslims are excluded, discriminated against, or failed, at all stages of their transition from education to employment. In a survey taken in 2010, “just one in four” of the British public feel positive about Islam – the proportion is likely to be lower now. There is a great need to support Islamic scholarship, our community institutions and to engage in advocacy for Islam and Muslims. Through NZF’s support, our community will improve in its understanding of faith and in its participation in wider society while external perceptions of Islam and Muslims improve.

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