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  • The distribution service is not admin. When you give Zakat, NZF checks applications from people in need. NZF checks the applicants are genuine, using technology such as Open Banking. NZF checks they are eligible for Zakat. If eligible, NZF takes care to get them financial support as quickly and directly as possible, in the way they would like it. When a Muslim in the UK is in need, NZF’s infrastructure means NZF can support them regardless of whether they are in Plymouth, Belfast, or even Inverness! (You can have a look here!). That might mean NZF sends it to their bank account, it might mean they pick up the Zakat from their local Post Office. That’s not admin, that’s a Zakat distribution service, just for you!  
  • It’s like when we send flowers to a friend: we want a florist that does more than just find a bunch of flowers – we want the florist to choose them carefully, wrap them and send them direct to our friend’s home. We don’t think of that as admin, that’s a service that we value.   
  • NZF don’t use any Zakat to raise funds or for core costs.  
  • NZF gives you the option to contribute to your Zakat distribution service through adding an extra voluntary donation. Whether you contribute through your Zakat, or through the extra voluntary donation, both are Islamically valid ways of giving Zakat.
  • Scholars have developed NZF’s Zakat Policy. This policy has been certified as sound by Mufti Amjad Mohammed of Markaz al-Iftaʾ wa’l-Qada. You can find more information and the certificates here:



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