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  • The answer is just 4p in every £1 is spent on admin – support and governance to make sure the charity is run well. We don’t use your Zakat for this.
  • And every £10 spent on raising funds raises at least £50 to invest in the future. That’s at least an extra £40 on top of your £10! We don’t use your Zakat for this either.
  • Overall, of every £1 NZF spends, we spend 90p on charitable activity.
  • Of the other 10p, 4p is on support and governance and 6p goes towards raising more funds. We cover all these costs from donations earmarked for that purpose, Sadaqah, Gift Aid and Riba.  
  • A more important question is: is your donation being used effectively? At National Zakat Foundation we work hard to make sure your donation is used wisely. We know we’re accountable to you – as well as to the recipients of your Zakat and most importantly, to Allah (swt) – so that’s why we let you know exactly when your own Zakat reaches recipients in need and how it helps them. And scholars audit our Zakat distribution to give you extra peace of mind.




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