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  • The answer is just 3p in every £1 is spent on admin (support and governance), to make sure the charity is run well. We don’t use your Zakat for this. 
  • And every £10 spent on raising funds raises at least £60 to invest in the future. That’s at least an extra £50 on top of your £10! We don’t use your Zakat for this either. 
  • Overall, of every £1 NZF spends, we spend 89p on charitable activity. 
  • Of the other 11p, 3p is on support and governance and 8p goes towards raising more funds. We cover all these costs from donations earmarked for that purpose: Sadaqah, Gift Aid and Riba.   
  • At National Zakat Foundation we work hard to make sure your donation is used wisely. We know we’re accountable to you – as well as to the recipients of your Zakat and most importantly, to Allah (swt) – so that’s why we let you know when your own Zakat reaches recipients in need. Also, scholars audit our Zakat distribution to give you extra peace of mind.
  • Can you trust us to use your money effectively to help Zakat-eligible people in need? Take a look here.



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