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  • Many Muslims in the UK live in poverty. According to this MCB report, 50% of Muslim households are in poverty, compared with 18% of the general population.  
  • We have more of a responsibility to those who are closest to us. Beyond the scope of international relations and emergency situations, Islamic jurists agree that believers in a specific region hold a core responsibility to one another, and the needy of the land in which Zakat is collected have more rights over those in another land.  
  • We help people who give Zakat (who are almost all) in the UK to get their Zakat directly to people in need in the UK. NZF are running a positive ecosystem, helping us all towards a thriving, closer community.  
  • We also understand the details and situation of local people better than we can understand the situation of those who are further away. We are in a better position to know how to help those who are closer to us.   
  • Many scholars, leaders and community champions struggle to do their work for the Muslim community due to lack of training and investment. 


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