Zakat Expert

Thank you for responding

They called. You answered. Alhamdulilah. A heartfelt thank you to all of our donors and supporters this Ramadan. Together we collected local Zakat funds to enable us to meet the increased demand for our services over the next 12 months. We also distributed Zakat ul Fitr to almost 100 individuals and families in desperate need in the UK and gave them an Eid to remember. Jazak Allah khair for helping us to maintain the prophetic tradition of local giving and for giving hope to the helpless and those whose needs would not otherwise be met. May Allah azza wa jal accept from us and from you and make it a means for your abode in the highest level of Jannah. Ameen.

Ramadan partners

In addition to our dedicated volunteers, we particularly wish to recognise the following organisations who have partnered with us in raising awareness.

Islamic Bank of Britain: Thank you for appointing NZF as the Zakat Education Partner for 2014 and hosting the Zakat Q+A on Twitter hour this Ramadan.

ieat: founded by NZF supporter Shazia Saleem, ieat generously pledged and matched profits taken in the last ten days to support the work of NZF.

Haloodies: Jazak Allah khair for raising awareness of the NZF Ramadan campaign.

Thank you also to all referring individuals and agencies including Solace UK.

Looking ahead

There is a lot to accomplish going forward insha’Allah.

We will continue to develop our services for Zakat payers, and expand the distribution network for Zakat recipients across the UK. It is expected that we will distribute over £1 million of Zakat funds in the next 12 months, supporting well over 1,000 applicants in the process. In addition, we will continue to oversee the operations of our four faith-sensitive supported housing projects across the country for single Muslim women and young male prison leavers, respectively.

It is only with your support that we are able to carry out this vital work in our community. We will keep you updated with our upcoming news and achievements. In the meantime please do keep us in your du’as.

Messages of appreciation

“You have given my family, through your hard work, patience, belief and understanding, a lifeline to get back on track. We will never forget. We remain thankful. May Allah Almighty shower His blessings on you always.”

“Just received your food vouchers. Can’t believe how happy I am. It’s the first time since being married and now separated that someone has given me an Eid gift.”

“May Almighty Allah accept all your commitments and efforts towards needy people during the month of Ramadan.”

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.