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#last10pledge – A briefing
ieat is the UK’s first brand of British Halal ready prepared meals, and is sold in 2 mainstream supermarket chains nationally. Having launched in February 2014, ieat is now sold in 50+ stores in total across London, Birmingham, Leicester and West Yorkshire. ieat Foods is founded by British Muslim female entrepreneur Shazia Saleem. For the last ten days of Ramadan (18-27/28 July) ieat is donating the value of 100% of their profits from every single dish in each of the 50+ stores where sold. This value will then be matched by the ieat Foods management team personally and the doubled amount donated to Islamic Relief’s Palestine Appeal and to the National Zakat Foundation (NZF).
ieat was founded upon principles of good ethics and community. As such it seems fitting in the month of Ramadan, which encourages charitable giving, for ieat to become the first mainstream British Muslim brand to support both Islamic Relief and NZF with a per-purchase contribution. The last ten days of Ramadan hold particular religious significance as it is believed to be the period during which the Holy Qur’an was first revealed, and so the name of this donation campaign will be the #last10pledge.
Shazia Saleem, ieat Foods Founder said “ieat was founded upon ethical and community values, and so for our first Ramadan we’ve chosen Islamic Relief and NZF as the two key beneficiaries for our #last10pledge for the excellent humanitarian work they do with the Disasters Emergency Committee abroad and with those suffering from poverty within the UK respectively.”
Jehangir Malik – UK Director, Islamic Relief said “We are delighted that ieat foods has chosen to donate to Islamic Relief. The situation on the ground in Palestine is dire, with hospitals running out of vital life-saving medical supplies. Every penny we can raise is a positive and it’s great to see a dynamic new British Muslim company doing so much to support this important humanitarian cause.”
Iqbal Nasim, Chief Executive of National Zakat Foundation said, “It is an honour for NZF to be supported so generously by ieat Foods, a company that combines ambitious entrepreneurship with a genuine social conscience. A major part of NZF’s work is transforming the lives of those suffering from poverty right here in the UK. It is critical for British Muslim businesses to be part of this effort and ieat Foods stands as an example to others in this regard.”
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