Zakat Expert

“If it happens that Allah with His mercy lets me enter with the Prophet (peace be upon him) into Paradise, I will immediately request in that place – where no request is to be refused or denied – to meet you by name and your staff at NZF insha’Allah. I cannot deny that your support has made a significant change in my life during this time of crisis, and I am very grateful for that. I hope insha’Allah that if I am alive and well and get my status in this country, I will return this £400 and if I am well enough, 10 times more.” Salma Rashid, NZF Case Number 840

Zakat Calculation Call Back Service

Need help calculating your Zakat? We’ve just launched a new service where you can request a call back from a member of our team who will go through your calculation step by step and help you understand how to calculate and pay your Zakat accurately. The service is free and available to everyone insha’Allah.

Zakat Collectors Programme

Don’t miss your chance to join the NZF Zakat Collectors Programme – a rewarding new initiative designed to promote the efficient collection of Zakat at a local level. Volunteers who join the 4 month programme will receive full training and educational resources to help them carry out this vital role in their local community.

Distribution Update

The month of March proved to be yet another busy one for the distribution team who processed 126 applications and distributed a total of £70,433 to those most in need on our doorstep. Alhamdulillah, a total of 1,197 individuals and families have been supported so far with total disribution now standing at £1,276,384. You can help make a difference by joining the distribution team as a Volunteer Caseworker.

Muslim prisoners reach record high

More than a quarter of London’s prison population are Muslims, as recently reported by the London Evening Standard. The worrying figure demonsrates the urgent need for targeted initiatives which aim to reduce the number of Muslim prisoners. Our groundbreaking new Date Palm Project aims to do just that by providing specialist housing support to young prison leavers so they can finally break free from the cycle of re-offending.

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