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Ahmed is 10 years old. His mother works but only earns enough to pay for the rent and some bills. Every day is a struggle to feed the family, with most meals consisting of buttered bread and watered down milk. But now winter is coming, things are getting worse and keeping warm is yet another struggle. Help change this reality for Ahmed and thousands like him by supporting our winter campaign in the following ways:

Donate Now

£50 can provide food vouchers for a family struggling to eat
£100 can provide heating, hot water and warm clothes for a family struggling to keep warm
£250 can provide emergency shelter, hot meals and warm clothes for a homeless individual in need
£500 can provide a safe haven for a homeless sister in one of our specialist shelters

Brave the cold for our Winter Challenge!

Help support our Winter campaign and have some fun along the way by taking part in the NZF Winter Challenge – a 5 mile sponsored walk across London on Sunday 15th December or Manchester on Saturday 21st December. The winter walk will include a short stop at a soup kitchen for the homeless and will end with a hot meal to help warm you up! For further details and to register your place.

Organise a Big Winter Collection

Help raise awareness and funds by asking your local mosque to take part in our Big Winter Collection on Friday 27th December 2013 and allocate funds collected to our winter campaign. We will give you a letter which you can print and take to the mosque to help explain the campaign and why their support is needed.

Support a LIVE NZF case

We are expecting unprecedented levels of demand from the most needy members of our community as they struggle for shelter, food and warmth in the cold winter months. We urgently require volunteers to take on the responsibility of fundraising for a LIVE case. You will be given actual details of the case for which you will fundraise and any support you need to help reach your target.

Champion your own idea

Register as an NZF Champion and organise your own fundraising initiative, such as holding a bake sale at work or organising a collection between friends. For those a bit more adventurous, why not plan a sponsored activity such as mountain climbing or a cycle ride? One NZF Champion is doing just that with a 50 mile cycle ride across London! If you wish to take part in the event or sponsor the team.

Join the AlKauthar Legends Tour

Join Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury, Sheikh Sajid Umar and Imam Siraj Wahaj – who will be back in the UK after more than a decade – to learn about the lives of the most influential leaders in history and how we can follow their example to revive our communities. Don’t miss out on this fantastic five city tour across the UK in support of NZF’s winter campaign.

Buy a scarf and keep warm

Lulu Chic is supporting NZF until December 8th 2013 by donating 100% of the proceeds of sales from a special collection of ‘NZF’ scarves (women/men) and handmade pins. Products can be purchased online at on Facebook at and at the Lulu Chic stall at The Global Peace & Unity Festival 2013.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.