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Your Zakat will help Muslims keep a roof over their heads


Few things are more stressful than the prospect of losing a home, particularly when you are supporting a family. Your Zakat through the Housing Fund is a lifeline for people facing this uncertainty.

Many people have been struggling to cover their rent since the coronavirus pandemic started. Research by homelessness charity Shelter found that over 170,000 private tenants have been threatened with eviction since lockdown began, and 230,000 in England have fallen into rent arrears.

The Government has announced a 4-week extension to the eviction ban they brought in to help private renters throughout lockdown. Landlords are still banned from legally evicting their tenants. This is welcome news. With the ban due to end on the 20th September, many fear this relief might be short-lived.

Difficult choices

Low incomes and high rent force many to make difficult choices between paying for food and other essentials and keeping up with rent payments. Rent arrears can start to build up. It’s a desperate and stressful situation. Those on zero-hours work contracts whose income can change from one day to the next find it even more challenging.

The NZF Housing Team has worked with many families who want help moving to more affordable accommodation because they lost their jobs or have reduced incomes. The Government’s benefit cap meant that the full cost of their rent was not being covered. It was vital they could find a way into more affordable housing. At the start of the pandemic many councils issued council tax bills for the year which added to the overall stress of covering costs for families already struggling.

Lockdown has exposed the fragile nature of many people’s financial situations. However, this is not a situation that started in 2020. Every month, the NZF Housing Fund receives hundreds of applications from people who are struggling to cover their rent, council tax and bills, get into safe, affordable housing, or furnish their homes with essential items.

Your Zakat is helping now

Thanks to your Zakat, we’ve been able to help over 900 Muslims with housing costs since the beginning of the yearYou’ve also helped Muslims like Hanifa turn their houses into homes, by providing furniture and other household items. We expect many more people will need the help of the Housing Fund once the eviction ban is lifted, and your Zakat will be vital in helping those in need up and down the country stay in their homes. 

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