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When Arif’s heating bill increased, his income wouldn’t stretch to provide for his young family. He had been saving up for a washer-dryer to keep the children’s school uniforms clean, but he could no longer afford to buy one. He felt like he’d lost his dignity. But your Zakat was here to help.

With the increase in cost of living, Arif’s heating bill rose by 40%. As an apprentice electrician supporting his wife and two young sons, his income was tight even before the rise. And now, he was only just able to scrape by. 

Paying the new, higher heating bill meant using money they’d been saving for a washing machine to keep their children’s clothes clean. “I had to choose between keeping the house warm over winter, or buying the washing machine,” Arif said, “but we needed the warmth.” 

A friend at the local mosque told Arif about NZF, and he applied to our Housing Fund. He was given a grant which meant he was able to buy a washer-dryer, as well as keep the heating on over winter. 

“Your Zakat has really improved our situation. I was able to get my dignity back. Thank you.” 

Based on a true story. For anonymity, a stock image has been used to illustrate the impact your Zakat can bring.

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