Zakat Expert

We are still recruiting volunteers this Ramadan.

Please review vacancies below and get the extra reward for every good deed insha’Allah.

London Shelter 

We are looking for volunteers for a minimum of 1 hour per week with skills in the following areas:

– Tajweed/Quran teaching

– Arabic teaching

– Counselling

– Befriending

– Hairdressing & Beauty

– Yoga/Pilates teaching

–  Sewing/Knitting and Arts/Crafts.

Morrisons In-Store Events 

Represent NZF at our stalls inside participating Morrisons stores.

This will involve talking to customers about our work (volunteers will be briefed) handing out flyers and collecting donations.

You will be required for a maximum of 3 hours between 2pm – 8pm on the specified dates below:

– Saturday 13th July, 2pm-8pm

Wallow Lane, Walsall, Birmingham & Peckham, London

– Friday 19th July, 2pm-8pm

Queensbury & Bradford

– Saturday 20th July, 2pm-8pm

Wood Green, London

– Saturday 27th July, 2pm-8pm

Acton London, Bradford Victoria & Rochdale Kingsway.

– Sunday 28th July, 2pm-8pm

Stratford, London.

– Thursday 1st August

Thornbury, Bradford.

Marketing Champion 

Help us promote our campaigns and events in your local area. This could involve distributing flyers or speaking to local businesses on our behalf.

Fundraising Champion 

Fund raise for at least one live case in your local area or for our shelter project.

Mosque Champion

Become the key link between NZF and your local mosque, organise Jumah khutbahs and mosque appeal nights.

Regional Champion 

Manage your own team of local volunteers.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.