Zakat Expert

A testimonial from one of our NZF Champions – “I signed up to become an NZF Champion when the idea was presented to me by an old colleague I used to work with. Immediately I was drawn to the message of using Zakat to help Muslims here in the UK, as opposed to sending it abroad”.

I had never really stopped to think there might be people in my own community that may need help. Another aspect of the campaign which motivated me to join is the fact that the NZF Champion role can insha’Allah fit around my work and family commitments. 

I believe anyone can spare an hour or so a week to try to improve the lives of others. In that sense, it’s a fantastic opportunity everyone can sign up to. I am trying to get my friends and family members on board, but everyone keeps asking what the tasks are! 
Surely they can’t be that difficult? I enjoy a challenge, so I’m up for pretty much anything that comes my way! I feel confident that I will gain a lot from this experience insha’Allah and pray that I can do justice to such an important role. I am very much looking forward to meeting other Champions and hope that together with NZF we really can make a difference to the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters here in the UK.”

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.