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Abbas was a practising doctor in Libya before the conflict broke out. When he fled to the UK, he had to rebuild his life and retrain as a doctor – but the fees were unmanageable.

This is how your Zakat paid through NZF helped Abbas become a UK registered doctor, so he could practise as a GP and serve our community.

My entire life, I dreamt of being a doctor. After years of studying and training, I was able to realise this dream and pursue a challenging and rewarding career in my home country of Libya.

But then the war broke out.

I stayed as long as I could because my country needed doctors more than ever. I only left for the UK when it became too dangerous, and after a hard few years I was eventually granted refugee status.

I had to start my life from scratch. I wasn’t a doctor anymore; I couldn’t practise and I couldn’t serve people the way I used to. So I got a part time job with the British Red Cross, which allowed me to help people in a different way.

In the meantime, I worked towards becoming a registered UK doctor. I saved up for three exams and passed them all. But when it was time for me to do the final training course, I realised I couldn’t afford the fees or the living expenses.

A friend told me that NZF might be able to help, so I decided to give it a shot and get in touch.

NZF knew I could benefit our community

The Programme Officer at NZF was keen to help, as he knew that I could use my skills to benefit the wider community.

I’d already demonstrated my commitment by saving and paying for the first three exams, and the fact that I’d passed them all showed I was dedicated and competent.

NZF agreed to pay £600 for my final training and cover the associated living expenses since I’d have to move to Manchester for two weeks to do the course.

I was amazed that NZF could be so forward-thinking. They understood that by helping me become a registered UK doctor, they’d – in turn – be helping thousands of people.

Now, I’m a registered UK doctor

Thanks to your Zakat, I was able to complete my training, register with the General Medical Council and practise as a GP in the UK – something that, on my darkest days, seemed impossible.

I ask that God accepts this as an ongoing charity for every Zakat payer who helped make this possible. Your Zakat has helped me become self-sufficient again, and it will continue to support every patient I see until the day I retire.

This post is based on a true story.

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